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Our clients are saying:

"Peleta has excellent developers who worked on a Windows mobile application with a back-end web site for mobile workers in the oil and gas industry. They architected a solution and worked above and beyond expectations to meet deadlines and customer requirements. I also hired Peleta for several other smaller projects with excellent results."

-David Woodring, Xuno Technologies

"Peleta has very gifted software designers/developers. They work very hard to understand business needs and ideas. Peleta designers are also excellent at taking your ideas and suggesting ways to make them even better than the original functionality that you designed. The architecture and work on the design has been tremendous. We gave them a very aggressive deadline of 3 months for a complex system and they were able to meet it.
Our system is a web-enabled SQL Server, C# based application. This is a tremendously powerful tool desinged with ERP like functionality."

-Todd Kirkby, CIO, Odyssey Information Services, Inc.

What we do

Peleta Software is an Independent Software Vendor that builds custom software for its clients. Peleta is focused on giving each client the highest level of integrity, excellence and transparency.

Peleta specializes in developing windows, web and mobile applications using C#, SQL Server and ASP.NET.  Peleta has experience with a diverse assortment of technologies that vary from implementing the latest smart client and rich web client technologies to integrating mainframe data with Windows and web front-ends.

Who we are
Brandon King
Systems Architect

Brandon has been in the software development field for over 13 years and is the founder and CEO of Peleta Software. His career has involved building enterprise projects for recruiting agencies, oil/gas industry, music industry and more. Through these projects he has been able to work in all aspects of programming from database administration to developing web, mobile and desktop applications. Over the last year, Brandon has spent his time perfecting his skills in mobile app development and data warehousing. While working on the music project Brandon discovered a style of Ethiopian blues music called Tezeta, which he keeps at the top of his playlist. When Brandon was young, he spent many hours with his Father and Grandfather in a big rig, as they were both truck drivers. Like his Father and Grandfather Brandon can stay up for days, however, his time is spent coding instead of driving. Brandon has a Bachelor’s in Computer Business Information Systems from the University of Arkansas.

Nathan Renico
Sr. Software Developer

Nathan became Employee #1 at Peleta Software back in 2009. He later moved and worked for a couple other companies before ultimately coming back to Peleta. Nathan has approximately 6 years’ experience in the IT industry. He has been a part of five ASP.NET MVC websites, three of them being built from scratch. Nathan’s professional interests are ASP.NET MVC and mobile development. When Nathan isn’t programming he loves watching movies, coding for fun, reading technical books and hanging with his family and friends. Some interesting facts about Nathan are that he prefers his spaghetti with apple sauce as opposed to tomato based sauce and his favorite move to this day is still the Lion King. Nathan has an Associate's in Software Development from North Arkansas College and is finishing-up his Bachelor's in Computer Science at Arizona State University.

Jennifer Williamson
Sr. Software Developer

Jennifer started her programming career at Data-tronics in 1997, followed by several years as a high school math teacher before returning to software development. She is enthusiastic about web design and is currently sharpening her HTML5, CSS 3 and JavaScript skills. When not programming, she loves growing strawberries, camping, fishing, hiking and watching her kids participate in sports. As a kid, Jennifer took part in church competitions and was 2-time National Champion at Bible Sword Drill. Jennifer has a Bachelor's in Computer Systems Engineering from the University of Arkansas.


Responsive Design Web Applications

Peleta has built two websites that are the backbones for mobile applications being used in the field....

iPad & Android Apps

Peleta has built mobile applications that run on Windows Mobile and iOS. The mobile applications that Peleta has built are used in combination with a backend system...

Data Warehousing

Peleta used data warehousing to allow clients to retrieve customized reports. Peleta integrated the reporting pivot table interface into a smart client application...

Desktop Applications

Peleta built and maintains two smart client applications. The software was built by Peleta to assist two medium sized businesses to run their day-to-day operations and grow their businesses...

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